Visiting Riverview


Access to the site by the general public is allowed during daylight hours. However, we ask that all visitors be respectful of the property, the residents and other occupants, and to comply with all posted signs.

There are a significant number of people living on-site receiving mental health care services, as well as numerous people receiving outpatient health services. We wish to ensure their privacy is protected and, therefore, photography is generally prohibited.

Interested in hosting your special event at Riverview?

The Riverview Lands Special Events Protocol sets out the process for hosting a special event at Riverview. A special event is recognized as any event that could be defined as;

  • An organized gathering of people for primary purpose of supporting a community, cultural, recreational or sport experience within a limited period of time and available to the public;
  • A recreational, cultural, or sport competition activity that is sanctioned by a recognized authority;
  • Any such activity that would have a significant impact on the Riverview Lands property, facilities, and/or public safety; and
  • Any such event that would actively promote itself to invite members of the general public to the Riverview Lands property and/or facilities.

Riverview Rules And Regulations

Riverview is a place where people work, live, and heal. To protect the site and the people here, visitors should read the following rules:

  • Visit Riverview at your own risk
  • The site is closed to the public from 9 PM to 6 AM
  • Vehicles improperly parked, or parked after hours, may be towed at the owner’s expense
  • No littering or dumping
  • No flying drones or other unmanned aircrafts
  • The speed limit is 25kms/hour, unless otherwise posted
  • No alcohol or fireworks
  • No using metal detectors and/or disturbing the Lands. This is subject to penalties under the Heritage Conservation Act
  • Do not remove wood or shrubs from the site
  • Pets must be kept on a leash at all times, and are not allowed on the cemetery grounds
  • No rowdy behaviour, excessive noise, or obscene language
  • Photography is restricted