Visiting Riverview


Access to the site by the general public is allowed during daylight hours. However, we ask that all visitors be respectful of the property, the residents and other occupants, and comply with all posted signs.

There are many people living on-site receiving mental health-care services, as well as numerous others receiving outpatient health services. We wish to ensure their privacy is protected. Therefore, photography is generally prohibited.

All visitors and users of the Riverview Lands must be aware of the Riverview Lands Protocols. These protocols outline BC Housing’s maintenance and management of the Riverview Lands, plus set out expectations regarding parking, site signage, tree protection, and archeological processes.

Interested in hosting your special event at Riverview?

The Special Events Protocol sets out the process for hosting a special event at Riverview. A special event can be defined as:

  • An organized gathering of people for the primary purpose of supporting a community, cultural, recreational or sport experience within a limited period and available to the public
  • A recreational, cultural, or sport competition activity that is sanctioned by a recognized authority
  • Any such activity that would have a significant impact on the Riverview Lands property, facilities, and/or public safety
  • Any such event that would actively promote itself to invite members of the general public to the Riverview Lands property and/or facilities

Riverview Hospital Cemetery

The small cemetery at the Riverview Lands opened in 1958 to serve the Riverview Hospital. Originally known as the Essondale Cemetery, it was renamed the Riverview Hospital Cemetery in 1965. The cemetery was mainly in use until 2006, with the final interment in 2012. The Riverview Hospital Cemetery also served The Woodlands School in New Westminster. No new interments are permitted at this time.

The Riverview Hospital Cemetery is open to visitors provided all Site Rules and Regulations are followed. Grave markers indicate interment locations. Some markers also include the deceased’s surname and date of death. Visitors are reminded that pets are not permitted on the cemetery grounds.

If you believe a family member or loved one may be buried at the Riverview Hospital Cemetery, please email with information regarding the deceased including name, date of death and interment location, if available.

Riverview Rules And Regulations

Please help us maintain the Riverview Lands and respect its many users and residents:

  • Visitors are welcome to the Riverview Lands from 6 am to 9 pm, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. Public access is not permitted outside of these hours
  • Security patrol and CCTV monitoring is in place on the Riverview Lands
  • The Riverview Lands are considered an area of high archeological potential – no Ground Disturbing activities are permitted without proper permitting under the Heritage Conservation Act
  • Please respect and maintain the Riverview Lands’ unique landscape;
    • Don't damage trees or remove/collect wood debris;
    • Don't climb any trees;
    • Dumping and littering is strictly prohibited and may be subject to fines;
    • Vehicular traffic is only permitted on roads and designated parking areas;
    • Take all waste with you and dispose of it off-site so as not to attract wildlife.
  • Drone usage and photography is not permitted on the Riverview Lands without permission from BC Housing
  • Pets must always be leashed and are not permitted within the cemetery grounds
  • Smoking, fireworks and alcohol are strictly prohibited in all common areas across the Riverview Lands
  • Be respectful and don't disrupt other users, tenants, visitors and residents of the Riverview Lands
  • Unauthorized building access will be treated as trespassing
  • All unauthorized vehicles parked in reserved parking zones are subject to towing at the owner’s expense
  • Unattended vehicles found on the Riverview Lands during off-limit times are subject to towing at the owner’s expense
  • The maximum speed limit on the Riverview Land roadways is 25km/h
  • Learn more about Riverview Lands Protocols

To report any violation of the Riverview Lands Rules and Regulation call 604-782-6540 (the 24-hour security contact number). Anyone visitoring the Riverview Lands do so at their own risk.





Download the Map of Riverview Lands 2.56MB - PDF