Next Phase: Master Plan

After two years of consultation, the vision for renewing the Riverview Lands is now complete and we have entered the Master Plan process.

The master planning process will build on the direction provided in A Vision for Renewing Riverview. The following themes will help shape the creation of the Master Plan and BC Housing is committed to:

  • Mental Health Care – ensuring we provide the necessary support to set a new standard
  • Heritage & Environment – respecting the heritage, culture and the natural environment
  • Complete Community – providing for the needs of its residents while representing a vibrant work environment
  • Housing – offer a range of housing options that meet the needs of the diverse community
  • Economic Development – encourage economic development by establishing on-site income streams and to help create new opportunities for the Kwikwetlam First Nation

Master Plan Details

The Master Plan will explain how the various components of the plan will work together to create a unified vision for the site. The concept will include:

  1. an overall explanation of the design and development approach
  2. recommended land uses on the site
  3. financial strategy that addresses capital costs
  4. set of design guidelines reflecting urban elements
  5. proposed transportation infrastructure
  6. proposed utility infrastructure
  7. how sustainability will be achieved on site

Community Info Sessions

There will be three interactive community events scheduled throughout the process. These sessions will gather input, test ideas and confirm the direction of the process.