Traffic Pattern Changes

Thu Dec 12 19:41:42 UTC 2019

The safety of all residents, users and visitors of the Riverview Lands are of utmost importance on site. To ensure safe vehicular and active transportation, two new traffic changes are in effect on site:

Orchid Drive & Holly Drive

A new southbound stop sign has been installed on Orchid Drive at the intersection of Holly Drive directly opposite Cottage 1. This intersection is now served by three stop signs. All traffic must come to a stop prior to entering the intersection.

Campion Way

Southbound access to Hillside from Campion Way is no longer available. Hillside building access will only be available via Holly Drive northbound. Access for emergency vehicles only will be available from Campion Way to Hillside.

Please use extra caution while familiarizing yourself with the new traffic patterns.

RV Map Traffic Pattern Changes

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