Want to film at Riverview?

  1. Provincial Rental Housing Corporation/BC Housing (PRHC/BCH) shall permit filming that aligns with our core values, taking into consideration our sensitive clientele, programming, and staff requirements. PRHC/BCH shall not permit filming that negatively depicts mental health. Simulated sex or nude scenes may be permitted within closed sets.
  2. Complete the Filming Contact Form (Section One)
  3. Once approved, read and abide by all conditions as outlined in the Filming Site Rules (Section Two).
  4. BC Housing requires five (5) working days notification prior to filming on site.
  5. Insurance requirements: $5M Commercial General Liability inclusive per occurrence.
  6. Film permit and pyrotechnic permits are required.
  7. NO friends/family are permitted to “visit” inside the buildings at any time.
  8. Contact the appropriate municipality representative for a filming licence prior to filming on government property.

For more information: