In addition the Site Rules & Regulations, BC Housing has created a number of Riverview Lands specific Protocols, or rules and procedures, to ensure a safe and usable site for Riverview’s many activities, including, non-for profit tenancies, various government agency tenancies, health patients, film production, contractors & consultants, employees, visitors and the general public.

All users of the Riverview Lands are expected to adhere to these Protocols. BC Housing enforces these Protocols and reserves the right to impose access restrictions to persons, productions or corporations noted to be in breech of these Protocols. For any vehicle or equipment not stored or parked in accordance with these Protocols, BC Housing reserves the right to dispose or tow with full costs charged to the owner of such vehicle or equipment.

BC Housing reserves the right to change these Protocols from time to time at its sole discretion.

Users are still required to seek approval, where applicable, with the all regulatory agencies for their specific needs. (i.e.:  City of Coquitlam building permits).

  1. Archaeological Protocol ensures that all users, visitors and contractors accessing the Riverview Lands are aware of the requirements set out by the Heritage Conservation Act and the Kwikwetlem First Nation Heritage Policy as it they relate to any ground disturbance work on the Riverview Lands. 
  2. Engineering and Servicing Protocol serves to outline process and submission procedures regarding new tenant connections to civil services, including but not limited to water, storm, sanitary, power, roads & street lighting, and gas. 
  3. BC Housing Film Policy is a BC Housing corporate film policy that applies to the Riverview Lands and outlines the nature of film production permitted in or on Provincial Rental Housing Corporation / BC Housing property.
  4. Parking, Mobility and Vehicle Traffic Protocol sets out expectations for all users of parking and streets outside of specified lease and/or tenanted areas of the site for the safe and orderly movement and parking of both motorized and non-motorized vehicles at the Riverview Lands.
  5. Rules and Regulations Protocol ensures the safety of visitors, privacy of many residents, and establishes conduct to assist BC Housing in the ongoing maintenance of the Riverview Lands.
  6. Sign Protocol sets out the process and submission procedures regarding both permanent and time-limited signs, including community post boards.
  7. Tree and Plant Protection Specification Protocol sets out the expectations for protection, regulation of cutting, and the overall health of the Riverview tree inventory.
  8. Special Events Protocol sets out the proposal process and event requirements to host a special event on the Riverview Lands.